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So heres our summer plans! Event links are in our SHOWS section.
June: 22. Sheffield, UK 23. Manchester, UK24. Glasgow, UK25. Leeds, UK26. Portsmouth, UK27. Cornwall, UK28. Brighton, UK29. London, UK30. Kent, UKJuly:1. Belgium: Leuven2. Germany: Hamburg3. Germany: Berlin4. Day Off5. France: Paris 6. France: Toulouse 7. Spain: Madrid 8. Spain: Catalonia9. Day Off10. Italy11. Germany: Stuttgart 12. Germany: Würzburg 13. Germany: Mainz 
US/Canada Tour 
July:20. I Got Brains FEST - EVENT 21. Richmond, VA 22. Montclair, NJ23. Philly, PA - EVENT24. Boston, MA 25. Montreal, Canada 26. Ottawa, Canada 27. Toronto, Canada - EVENT28. Pittsburgh PA 29. Columbus, OH 30. Kalamazoo, MI31. Louisville, KYAugust:1. Nashville, TN 2. Chattanooga, TN3. Tallahassee, FL 4. Orlando, FL

So heres our summer plans! Event links are in our SHOWS section.


22. Sheffield, UK
23. Manchester, UK
24. Glasgow, UK
25. Leeds, UK
26. Portsmouth, UK
27. Cornwall, UK
28. Brighton, UK
29. London, UK
30. Kent, UK

1. Belgium: Leuven
2. Germany: Hamburg
3. Germany: Berlin
4. Day Off
5. France: Paris 
6. France: Toulouse 
7. Spain: Madrid 
8. Spain: Catalonia
9. Day Off
10. Italy
11. Germany: Stuttgart 
12. Germany: Würzburg 
13. Germany: Mainz 

US/Canada Tour 

20. I Got Brains FEST - EVENT 
21. Richmond, VA 
22. Montclair, NJ
23. Philly, PA - EVENT
24. Boston, MA 
25. Montreal, Canada 
26. Ottawa, Canada 
27. Toronto, Canada - EVENT
28. Pittsburgh PA 
29. Columbus, OH 
30. Kalamazoo, MI
31. Louisville, KY
1. Nashville, TN 
2. Chattanooga, TN
3. Tallahassee, FL 
4. Orlando, FL

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